Our partner SAKO announces SAKO TROPHY to be competed during the Championships


The world-renowned Finnish gunmaker SAKO has instigated a special prize:


to celebrate the 13th Metallic Silhouette World Championships


1st prize: SAKO A7 ROUGHTEC PRO rifle in preferred calibre + TROPHY

2d prize: TIKKA T1x MTR .22 lr rifle

3d prize: STOEGER F40 air rifle


The SAKO TROPHY is a separate additional aggregate competition where the competitors’ aggregate score of a maximum of any 7 individual events is calculated. SBRL and SBRS where 80 targets are shot, counts as two events each.

The SAKO TROPHY has an automatic entry with no entry fee.

The maximum score is 280 points (7x40 targets). The competitors with the highest scores wins the prizes. On equal scores the winner is decided by reverse animal count. (Total amount of hit rams, then turkeys, pigs and hens in this order).

If a competitor shoots more than 7 events, the 7 best results are included in the count.

Aggregates for competitors with less than 7 events are also counted.

The prizes will be awarded at the awarding ceremony at the closing banquet.


For a closer look at the prizes, please check: