Gun Permits

Bringing guns and ammo into Finland is quite easy and straight forward. 

  1. IF you are travelling with an EU Gun Passport, you need no extra permit providing all your guns are included in the passport. You just present your guns, ammo and your Gun Passport at the customs at your point of entry togeather with the competition programme / invitation.
  2. IF you are a citizen of a Nordic country you may also bring guns and ammo into Finland by presenting your national gun permits at your point of entry togeather with the competition programme / invitation.
  3. For all others the procedure is a bit longer. We will apply for a group gun permit for each delegation. This group permit will cost approx. 30 € total, which is the same fee as for an individual permit. We will advance this fee and charge it on your arrival. For this group permit we need for all individuals from a country who do not have an EU Gun Passport to fill a special form. We also need a copy of your national permits for all guns which you bring into Finland together with a copy of your passport (only relevant pages of the documents are required). The filled form and the copies of your gun permits and passport should be sent to us by email.

We will group all forms we receive in time from each nation and apply for one permit per nation. This permit we will email to you. This permit is to be shown at the customs at your point of entry. Note that gun permits cannot be obtained at any entrypoint eg. airports, harbours, borders etc..

If you intend to import ammo into Finland by other means than bringing it yourselves, please follow the instructions of your transport agency.

We strongly discourage any atempts to bring guns and ammo into Finland without adequate permits. This will most likely result in serious criminal charges!!

Note that bringing air weapons under the calibre of 6,35 mm into Finland does not require any permits.

The form to fill and an example on how to fill the form can be found here.

Please fill the form in your computer. Note that incompleately filled forms will not be accepted by the police. If you are bringing hollow point ammunition, do not forget to indicate this in the appropriate entry field.