Shooting Schedule

The preliminary shooting schedule is now corrected and below you can find the final schedule.

If you still find mistakes and need changes these can be made on the range at registration.


PDF-tiedostoShooting Schedule final.pdf (325 kB)
Final schedule. Changes can be made on the range only.


The shoot off will start at 9 am.

Order of the shoot off events are:

SBRL for silver and bronze (result = 63):

Ratnayake S (SRI), Lampreht P (AUT), Uuttu J (FIN), Fenaux V (FRA).

SBRS for bronze (65):

Bannahake R (SRI), Nikko M (FIN), Lamprecht P (AUT).

FPP for bronze (31):

Seers M (AUS), De Lange P (RSA), Peltola A (FIN,), Emery K (AUS).

FPPAS for bronze (35):

Kaleta S (FRA), Peltola A (FIN).

SBPS for silver and bronze (32):

Kral J (AUT), Astier R (FRA), Valentin B (RSA).

SBPR for gold (40):

Granlund A (FIN), Boulot L (FRA)

SBPR for bronze (39):

Lehtosaari J (FIN), Tanninen A (FIN)

SBPP for gold, silver and bronze (40):

Granlund A (FIN), Kelo T (FIN), Piiroinen J (FIN), Tanninen A (FIN), Ärväs R (FIN), Bouha T (FRA), Boulot L (FRA), Post W (GER), De Lange P (RSA), Grobbelar B (RSA).

SBPU for INT 1st place:

Savinainen P (FIN), P De Lange (RSA)

BBPS for silver and bronze (31):

Kral J (AUT), Koukal J (CZE), Savinainen P (FIN).

BBPR for gold and silver (40):

Lempola E (FIN), Kaleta S (FRA).

BBPR for bronze (39):

Seers M (AUS), Huitula M (FIN), Tanninen A (FIN), Saari J-M (FIN).

BBPP for gold, silver and bronze (40):

Dewsbury D (AUS), Seers M (AUS), Huotari V (FIN), Juntunen J (FIN), Lautiainen H (FIN), Piiroinen J (FIN), Törmänen P (FIN), Ärväs R (FIN), Herault B (FRA), Salaun A (FRA), van Hoof J (NED), Kåsastul M (NOR), De Lange P (RSA).

BBPU for bronze (37):

Lautiainen H (FIN), De Lange P (RSA).